I read in the news and yesterday I watched an extremely funny video from the Colbert report, but he made a point.  He did this dissertation on who’s the bad guy and who’s the good guy in the battle of the budget and healthcare.  If you missed it, I recommend watching as he talks about comparing Obama to Boehner and with one having to look like a big victor and the other needing to look like a slain dragon, now I ask is this not the truth of what we see in the media today.  image

Does Sampson and Goliath have to enter into smart budget making and intelligence?  From I see it does.  This is not an NFL game with touchdowns and points being scored for the guy wearing a certain colored uniform.  It’s all about collaboration and working intelligently to bring the US back up to where we were.  Those folks that suggested insurance exchanges are now the bad guys <grin> but what we are not recognizing that is within the last year, a lot has happened.  Shoot you can read about Walgreens who sits down and with computerized algorithms changes their business model in a few days, so what’ up with government having “brains” and seeing this same observation.

IBM Makes 'Watson' Servers Even Smarter With More Cores–We Are Now Graduating to Taking “Dull” Knives to Gun Battles–There’s No Great White Hope for Budgets

I’m using the exchanges as just one example but are more.  The folks that created the exchange concept are not bad guys because at the time it looked like a good model but things change.  You have insurance companies with some pretty major acquisitions over the last year in the IT and tech area, that’s a game changer with data and cost analysis and it does affect how an exchange was designed to work in the plans on the books.  Does need changing, sure it needs to be looked at and modified by a group with collaboration and not more soap operas.  What many have not come to terms with yet is the good guy bad guy routine with algorithmic formulas that run our business and the government.  Duh? 

It is just like all the press out there where Ryan thinks he’s new great white hope, well his isn’t and neither is anybody else so he’s in good company if he has not figured that out yet. 

IBM Watson Did Get a Chance to Go To Congress-Should be a Permanent Home For Greater Intelligence for Creating Laws

To keep the review process alive and well with laws, we are back to IBM Watson to help digest, predict and give the ability to lawmakers to function. Can we put those “dull knives” in the drawer and try something new here?  Again if we don’t get smarter about making laws, Charles Ferguson might as well start writing that sequel and do we want a sequel uglier than the first movie, I hope not. 

While we are at it, let’s get some help for the judges too as they need to see where their portfolios have gone as companies are not the same as they were a couple years ago and business models change and some of these guys were caught with conflicts of interests.  They need some Algo Men too. 

Florida Judge Rules Against Health Law– Need Some Judicial “Algo Men” to Influence Decisions on Costs With Methodology Entailment and IT Systems Functionality

Colbert made a very good point indeed and mocked what we see as value today and it’s sad that this old paradigm continues but the hoopla instead of a focused plan still drives all of this today. 

Pap Smears and Colonoscopies At Walgreens–The Colbert Report

I do apologize if you get tired of the word “algorithms” around this place but it simple is what it is and the techniques are used by all so if we can accept that is how others are doing business, making money and sadly at sometimes taking advantage of our ignorance in this area and inability to focus, then we can move forward I think.  By using effective collaboration and rocket speed technology where everyone sees the same thing at the same time, we could come up with some better decisions at at least reduce the soap opera we see out there.

There is no great white hope on budgets, Ryan or no Ryan. 

Do we need to start dressing these folks up in Congress with uniforms put helmets on next?  <grin>.  It kind of looks that way the inability to distinguish at times the difference between intelligent law making and play a game.  It’s beginning to resemble a game of “Angry Birds” and I’ might guess I’m not alone in that observation.  From what I am hearing it sounds like we have reverted back to this Lie of the Year.  BD

PolitiFact's Lie of the Year: 'A Government Takeover of Health Care'

As the House of Representatives nears a vote Thursday on a massive fiscal year 2011 spending bill, House Speaker John Boehner's office (R-Ohio) outlined more ways the legislation would weaken last year's healthcare reform law.

Boehner: Spending bill cuts ACA programs; requires GAO audits - Healthcare business news, research, information and opinions | Modern Healthcare


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