This is fascinating to watch to see how this all took place and the fact that she has 2 hands again.  It was complicated connecting the blood vessels and all had to go right for the transplant to work.  She wears a glove now to cover and has more work to go with therapy in training the hand how to work.  She was the first in the western US to undergo the procedure.  BD 


Meet Emily Fennell, the 26-year-old California woman who became the first person in the western United States to receive a hand transplant.
Fennell’s surgery and rehabilitation at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center were detailed in the Los Angeles Times Tuesday by health writer Shari Roan. Now UCLA has posted a video featuring the single mother from Yuba City and her unusual medical journey.

As Roan describes, Emily lost her right hand nearly five years ago in a automobile accident: “Fennell was a passenger in the front seat of a car that was clipped by another vehicle and rolled over. The sunroof was open. Fennell's hand went through the space and was caught between the car and the road. The mangled hand had to be amputated.”

Hand transplant: UCLA releases video of hand transplant recipient -


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