This is funny but again doing this blog I am marketed from every corner of the earth imagelike most healthcare bloggers and the Colbert Report gets it right and we are headed in this direction with product placement and advertising having to support just about everything out there.  He makes light of sponsor names too, like will students be attending “Red Bull High School” and that makes me wonder if we would see something like the “Viagra Medical Center”  or the “Budweiser Critical Care Clinic”  or maybe the Smirnoff Rehab Center, as we already have sport arenas carrying such sponsored names.  How about this picture of a house, you want that on your house looking like Twitter and Facebook to get a few house payments made?  

We innovate and just throw money around and see what sticks sadly without those who have it giving much though on some of this while research and development for life saving drugs sometimes get shorted and struggles for funds, so what do we really need, life or advertising and if you don’t stop and think about it and raise your digital awareness, guess what you may not be able to tell the difference and get even more confused and suffer even more when trying to find balance.    

Why Is Almost Everyone In Healthcare Marketing Their “Ass” Off

How ridiculous will we get and how much imagemoney will be sent in these direction versus money invested in drugs for instance that save lives?  You can also watch Morgan Spurlock at the link below at TED this year and with Colbert he does such a fine job making fun of the disruption and sometimes stupidity of those in marketing.  You have market on Wall Street too investing in “intangible algorithms” without a tangible product attached and over inflating value, and when the bubble goes again it will be much worse than 1999 was as all the data is now wall tied together and we will have big snowballs rolling down hill this time, all for the sale of having those algorithms. 

We need technology and I like it, but all the software coming out won’t make it and thus so the jobs it creates is also temporary, keep that in mind too as no wealth get built.   I loved the absolute digital ignorance of Gordon Brown not too long ago when he said seriously on Jon Stewart’s show “I never realized how connected the banks were”,…and there million more like him that still think that way. 

Give Me A Break-Would You Live in a Home That Looks Like This? Innovation Doesn’t Lack in the US But Collaboration Does (TED Video)

When you look at his jacket, will scrubs look like this soon <grin>.  This is great the way he pokes fun at “branding” and “advertising”.  He says “where do we draw the line” and refers to advertisers in schools to make up for budget gaps.  Colbert:  “if we don’t open up advertising to our schools, how will the girls know they have combination skin”…love it…and don’t forget the new commercials about glorifying “arm pits” too where a marketing company completely made up an absurd market for Dove. 

What makes sense anymore with advertising and marketing is the question and well done conversation here as we seeing it everywhere we turn.  Interesting too that he chose Pom Wonderful…remember this…a company right in the middle of the advertising controversy and they are in there sponsoring.  BD 

FTC and FDA Tell Pom Wonderful To Change Their Advertising Claims or Submit for FDA Approval–Another Study Unrelated Claims Peaches and Plums Kill Breast Cancer Cells Too

Marketing and algorithmic formulas will do you in today if you don’t stop and think about what is being presented.  Stephen Colbert invented the word “Proofiness” and there’s a book out that uses that name in the title, good reading and something to make you stop and think about the world around you and perhaps not get sucked in as often and it happens to all of us so good to be aware of the mathematical deception and advertising that explores the dark side, as it does exist in more areas of life than one.  The President knows it as he comments on distraction we deal with all the time when he talks, thus on his last address came the question, “where do we want to be in a few years” and if we continue with digital illiteracy, we’re going to sink and this includes lawmakers too, as they are just digitally illiterate as so many others'; however they are more critical as digital illiterate decisions in lawmaking create unintended consequences where we all suffer without predictive modeling to see what their decisions will create.  BD  

“Proofiness–The Dark Side of Mathematical Deception”–Created by Those Algorithms–New Book Coming Out Soon

Morgan Spurlock pulls the curtain back on product placement and advertising in "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold." (06:08)

Morgan Spurlock - The Colbert Report - 4/13/11 - Video Clip | Comedy Central


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