It’s been a while and this is a new little project here to allow Smartphone use to scan and read the Quack on a phone browser.  Also, I took one of my sponsors imagehere and gave them a tag, so if you have smartphone handy, check it out.

Notice how small I made my own Tag/bar code here, could fit in perfectly on a bottle of Tylenol or on those Triad wipes that are being recalled by the groves too.  This situation became so bad that the FDA had to move in and seize millions of dollars of products and look, they state how they private label manufacture for Fortune 25 companies, so with the technology out there today, is this as good as it gets?  Where’s the world class customer service and help that goes along with this for consumers and healthcare workers when things go bad?

FDA Moves in on Triad and Seizes $6 Million Dollars of Product-The Medicated Wipe Recalls Issues Continue - Triad is an Outsource for Several Fortune 25 Companies

When is business and the FDA going to collaborate and help consumers?  It’s fine imagethat they make money, but can get value here?  Recalls are not going to stop and as we have found out it’s maybe not that we are getting worse products than we have over the years, we are just better at finding problems and as technology moves forward, it will happen again, and again and again. 

We have Johnson and Johnson with this consent decree with the FDA for violations and today we hear about how much money they are making and their concern for consumers, well talk is cheap and with their history of being the “king of recalls” you would think that more than just a better bottle for children’s medication could come out of all of this, that’s what was in the news today. 

Johnson and Johnson Consumer Health Division United Barred From Resuming Operations in Until Quality Standards are Met-Consent Decree Agreement With FDA

I might have started something here as other sponsors might be wanting mobile tags here at the Quack too <grin>.  Also, Micro-Cap Review Magazine will be using some Microsoft Tags in the next quarterly issue due out soon, so you can look for them as well as an article I contributed on why the FDA, drug and device companies and so forth should get on this bandwagon as people die as a result of inadequate methods of being able to identify, both by taking drugs and getting implanted with defective devices that were missed being pulled from inventory, more than what you would think. 

Again we are happy that J and J and Triad are making money but have you forgotten about the consumer with preparedness and plans for recall disasters when they happen?  It is truly sad that technology is here but nobody chooses to explore it seems and every time those pallets get treated indoors we get drugs that stink too and those are recalledRecently there was discussion on using bar codes at the FDA, but wrong business model with doing a logistics focus only and I do have to say UPS was right there with some good input as being the experts they recognized a bad business model being discussed too.  As many of you may or may not know, I spent 25 years in logistics so there’s where my opinion comes from too. A solution needs to be consumer centric and not logistics centric as UPS alluded to, and shoot they are talking about the year 2016 to boot.  BD 

FDA Finally Talking About Bar Codes - Offers Zero for Consumers–Input from AstraZeneca Pretty Much Useless But UPS Input Is Very Useful

Bar Codes for FDA Recalls-Good Idea?  Search this blog with keywords barcodes or Microsoft Tags-Tons of posts where it could have helped!  There is no bigger poster child than Johnson and Johnson and actually through some folks I know, the idea has been floated up there a while back.  I have added many other posts and will try to update the links here on bar codes and healthcare, Microsoft Tags so past postings are easier to find.

The Medical Quack: Healthcare Bar Code Posts


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