On one of his Long Beach, California visits Berci actually were able to meet and imagechat a little bit.  I’m always the curious person and like to hear about medicine and technology as how it works outside the US and this was great visit and he no clue on how fast a geek could talk and chew gum and text at once.   Now with his Webicina website he’s offering all types of information and help to communities in Europe and globally for that matter with a strong focus on genealogy and personalized medicine. 

He had an interview with Al Jazeera about 20 minutes into the video (so you can move the space up to go right to his portion) below so you can move the bar to hear Berci talk.  It’s only been 2 years ago since he graduated from medical school and out of habit I still go back to Science Roll, his first blog.  Webicina is in 17 languages so it has an international reach.  Many of us know Berci from Twitter as he is very active in all social networks too, and wait a minute did I see the Quack over the blog section <grin>.  It’s there with a lot of other great bloggers.  Congrats and great interview.  BD 

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