I just had to add this one and we all remember the original Clippy but now there’s a imagegame you can download for Office 2007 and 2010 and he’s kind in the same old spot and helps you out with Word, Excel and Power Point hints too and he has some balloons and other new visuals this time.  I think I might have to download and try it out, makes creating a Word document a little more interesting.  The download page is here. 

You score points just by doing your regular work in Office, how clever.  BD 

Clippy for Office

Microsoft has brought Clippy, everyone’s despised favorite helper from Office, back from the dead.

OK, so it’s not like Clippy is returning in the next version of Office. He’s the main character in a new training game that helps users learn how to perform different tasks in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Oh no! Clippy is back! | The Microsoft Blog - seattlepi.com


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