Well how did this happen without a name?  The patient’s condition she spoke about was unique enough that someone out there identified the patient.  This is just one more reason to keep it vague on Facebook and brief and to the point.  The doctor had to pay a $500 fine and take a continuing education course. 

Privacy-Beware of the Data Snatching Algorithms on the Web Some of This Relates to Healthcare and How You are Bought & Sold-Important Information for All (Video)

I guess the moral here is only talk about those that have conditions that are not imagespecific enough to be identified, in other word “group diseases or treatments” and I think this will stand to limit a bit of what can and should be said on Facebook and for goodness sakes don’t connect a coupon or “Like” the post as we know what’s happening there <grin>.  If a lot of folks “liked” the post, the more attention it could have received.  If talking about any type of care to where a specific band aid or something along those lines is used, be careful with all the new linking that occurs too.  BD   

Habits and Identities Revealed via Coupons – Facebook Fan Pages Can Make User ID Visible – Shopping Algorithms Reduce Privacy And Increase Visibility

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A physician practicing in Rhode Island hospitals has been reprimanded by state regulators after she inadvertently identified a patient through a Facebook post.

Rhode Island's medical licensing board has also ordered Dr. Alexandra Thran to pay a $500 administrative fee and attend a continuing education course.

The board said Monday that the 48-year-old physician wrote on Facebook about some of her clinical experiences at Westerly Hospital, without using patient names or intending to reveal patient information.

But, the board says, one patient's injuries were such that an unidentified third party was able to identify the person. It says Westerly Hospital terminated Thran's clinical privileges after the incident. A spokesman for Kent Hospital says Thran currently works there.

Doctor busted for patient info spill on Facebook - Technology & science - Security - msnbc.com


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