Gee when I looked at the website at first I didn’t realize this was a dispensary as it is very well done.  In addition, food products are on the menu so individuals who imageuse medical marijuana don’t have to smoke a joint.  The store is located in San Francisco.  You need to have a California Medical Pot card as those are the only individuals who can legally purchase cannabis with a prescription.  They also deliver as advertised.  I have never been inside one of the stores so just checking out the website is a bit of an education for me.  At any rate the hope is to create an atmosphere of being both safe and relaxing for patrons.  Dispensaries look to be moving upscale to best serve patients.

Clinical Trials That Are Paying People to Smoke Marijuana

Back in December UCLA even had openings for clinical trials relative to medical marijuana so things are changing in the world today and in January in the OC, seniors were also able t attend a convention that was specific to address their needs for pain relief.  BD 

Orange County Conference Markets Medical Marijuana To Seniors at Laguna Woods

HopeNet, one of San Fransicso's oldest and most trusted dispensaries, is happy to announce two significant steps in their mission to alleviate suffering through medicinal marijuana. Facility upgrades mean HopeNet is a safer, more inviting place, and extended hours mean more patients will be able to use the facility.

"HopeNet members are excited about the extended hours from 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. in San Francisco's South of Market district (SOMA)," said Catherine Smith, spokesperson for HopeNet. "We really look forward to helping a large number of new people in our great new space and through our extended hours."

Finding HopeNet open in the past has proven difficult, as most patients have busy work-days that overlapped with rush-hour traffic and their office hours. Opening earlier and staying open later in the evening will help patients avoid the rush and stress of getting their medication in a timely fashion, and hopefully offer just that much more of a relief when walking through HopeNet's front door. A patient can now afford to spend 10-15 minutes and smoke a joint, relax, read or chat with others, and enjoy a cup of fresh water before heading back out onto 9th Street. Patients will also feel secure at night while inside and outside of HopeNet with improved lighting for extra security.

HopeNet Increases Hours of Operation, Remodels Facility to Benefit Medical Cannabis Patients


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