With the push to help doctors in getting set up with medical records it’s kind of amazing to me that this office is not further along.  The web page has not even changed in a couple of months. This is the complete opposite of what’s happening in Los Angeles County and they are going like gang busters and I have posted a couple of times on their efforts here at the Medical Quack.

Los Angeles REC Center (Medical Records Assistance) is Open for Business HITEC-LA

A couple of months ago I spoke with the office on the phone and gee I was imagetransferred all over Cal Optima to finally get to one office person who knew anything about the REC center.  She was very nice and I had submitted my interest form for the center as I thought it was something I would like to do as a consultant and was told my interest form was 3 days after the cut off.  If I missed the cut off by 3 days, why is the form still up on the site?   Well when I looked at the site today same form, same everything and it doesn’t even appear they have a webmaster inline to create a separate site aside from the CalOptima page with the announcement.  I see they have funds according to the ONC site and just kind of wondered where these millions are going. 

By contrast even in other states the centers are going like gangbusters too as I chat and communicate with folks all over the US and many doing a great job with even creating videos to show off their efforts and encourage doctors to participate, but here, looks like a big null.  Here’s one in Florida for a prime example. 

Regional Extension Center (REC) Working in Florida-What the Centers Are Doing to Help Physicians With Electronic Medical Records

Orange County in California has a ton of doctors and potential and some I have written custom software for in the past as well so this seems very strange to have minimal activity in such a high technology area, you think?  Here’s the funding information listed on the ONC site for California and you can see the dollar amount of smaller as Orange County geographically is smaller but there’s ton of doctors here.  If I am reading this correctly there have been 2 rounds of grants for over $6 million?  All the doctors in Orange County are not rich and and assistance is needed. 


I don’t know exactly how the funding works and if the center has the millions allocated in house but it certainly appears that at minimum a website could be constructed outside of having to navigate the regular insurer page as it stands now.  Perhaps with this post and generating a little speculation perhaps the Orange County REC could move forward?  I certainly would be discouraged if I were a doctor and looking for a REC center for assistance as it has been so heavily advocated and a good thing to help doctors with medical records.  Again, at least do something about the web site page or create a site rather than have folks navigate through the insurer page.  There is a link for readers to download the Adobe reader and the same old information page that has been there for a few months now:)  BD

“The CalOptima Regional Extension Center is a federally-designated Regional Extension Center funded by the Office of the National Coordinator, Department of Health and Human Services, Award Number: 90RC0066/01.”

CalOptima is proud to be selected as the Regional Extension Center (REC) for Orange County, California. Through the CalOptima Foundation, a non-profit organization created by CalOptima, the CalOptima Regional Extension Center (COREC) will collaboratively work with physicians and other eligible providers to integrate Health Information Technology (HIT) into their offices and bring them to meaningful use.

CalOptima Regional Extension Center


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