The face of plastic surgery is changing rapidly today.  Not only are new procedures without surgery coming of age, but procedures using one’s own stem cells and the use of hormones are rapidly shaping the options available today with plastic and reconstructive surgery.  Many of the new processes offer a more natural solution, especially when using one’s own stem cells, as it’s originating from your body, so perhaps the days of silicon someday will be taking a back seat to some of these new innovations.  A recent story has a solution for cellulite without any surgical procedures and has been in the news of late as well, and is less costly.  BD 

Silicone breasts for a football star's girlfriend, aging Hollywood actresses with doll-like, over-tightened faces - all this could soon be a matter of the past. Cosmetic surgery is developing into an interdisciplinary medicine of beauty and rejuvenation which has only little use for silicone and scalpel.  New cosmetic surgery relies to an important part on minimal-invasive, gentle surgery, done under local anaesthesia. Liposuction by use of microcannulas offers a good example, being easy on the tissue and allowing for precise shaping of body and face, followed by only minimal aftercare.  The second pillar on which new cosmetic surgery rests is the use of body-own stem cellsThe third pillar of new cosmetic surgery is called Hormonal Regeneration(R). Many seemingly "natural" cosmetic and functional problems associated with ageing are in fact symptoms of chronic hormone deficiency.

Footballer's Wives Breasts Made Using Stem Cells - Just in Time for EURO 2008 | Scientific Blogging


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