This is a continuing post about "desperate hospitals" that I started last week.  In light of the recent Medicare rules, audits, etc. some hospitals are just not making it.  50% of the hospitals in the country border on insolvency.  Century City Hospital is not by any means in a "poor" or "needy" area, so to see this happen here is an eye opener.  They had been looking for a buyer.  Now for a little history here:  The hospital had just re-opened a few years ago under new ownership.  When remodeled, it was pretty much state of the art, even with many celebrities having surgery here, and this hospital is only a few miles from Beverly Hills, CA. 

Here is the current website, which I'm sure will go away shortly, but take a look for yourself.  When they re-opened, they had the "lab of the future" and you can read more here.

"The new owners, the Salus Surgical Group of Beverly Hills, Calif, wanted to create a new model for health care delivery—one that focused on the patient and used leading technology to achieve greater efficiency and better care. They invested $100 million to completely refurbish the building and purchase equipment to create a paperless system."image

Now let's take a look at the VIP rooms...notice the nice hardwood floors too...

image image

A surgery room....

image image

Gourmet menus from Wolfgang Puck available...


They had the DaVinci robot for various surgery procedures...


Also, if I'm not mistaken, the scenes in the recent movie with Jack Nicholson, "The Bucket List" sure look like they were filmed here as well.  So this somewhat sends chills down your back if you will when a state of the art hospital located in an affluent area can't make it, right?  Will be interesting to follow this one and see what may happen next.  Not too long ago I did a post on their electronic medical records system and the almost record time deployment they had.  They had also received a grant for nurse training not too long ago.  BD

Financially troubled Century City Doctors Hospital has begun shutting down and officially will close next Friday, according to hospital executives.
The hospital will close its emergency room Saturday and begin transferring about 25 patients being treated at the hospital to nearby facilities beginning this weekend.

Today the hospital filed for liquidation under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Employees said they didn't get paid today, and top hospital executives said the facility did not have the money to pay them.

Century City Doctors Hospital begins shutting down - Los Angeles Times

In Nashville, TN

Trinity Hospital LLC has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The Erin Tennessee-based company has debts of at least $1.2 million and less than $10 million, according to United States Bankruptcy Court documents filed this week. The company's assets are estimated at between $1 million and $10 million.

In Terrell, TX

Renaissance Hospital officials filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Thursday.

Renaissance Hospital officials filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Thursday.
According to Lynette Nadeau, marketing director for the City of Terrell, the bankruptcy protection was filed for the hospital in Terrell as well as the one in Grand Prairie. Both facilities are operated by Atlantic Health Group.
Nadeau said the bankruptcy protection will give the hospital a chance to reorganize and that the move does not mean that the hospital doors will close.



  1. I was referred to this hospital for some routine tests. This hospital is a mess, every year I get some nasty message that I owe this hospital money. Their incompetent billing department, misspelled my name so they can't seem to match up the payment with the bill. Every year I correct this mistake, only to have it pop back up every year.

  2. There is something wrong with a hospital that has so many people commenting about the billing practices. My doctor used to work in the Century City hospital and the hospital has been hounding me to pay a bill I have already paid. Furthermore, I have documentation that I paid the freaking bill. These guys are crooks, go elsewhere.


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