The numbers are growing rapidly while we still wait around and discuss and talk about healthcare reform.  One thing for sure this year in Congress should certainly go down in history as one of the most out of touch years with a Representatives so bent on telling the American public what to do, and yet themselves are far imagefrom being any type of participant. Even the children are affected with less than half getting coverage from Mom or Dad.  

Keep in mind these numbers included stimulus relief and without it, things would have been worse, much worse.  They are not improving and we still see the “fat cats” on Wall Street also oblivious as to what is happening as well.  BD  

More than 45,000 Sacramento County residents joined the ranks of the medically uninsured in the past two years, according to a new report that further illustrates the staggering depth of the recession: a surge of 2 million Californians without health insurance.

One in four Californians, or 8.2 million people, now lack coverage, according to UCLA researchers.

The study, released Tuesday, quickly became a talking point in the national debate over health care legislation, which could culminate later this week in a dramatic up-or-down vote on Capitol Hill.

On Monday, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation estimated that as many as 59.7 million Americans could be uninsured in five years – and perhaps as many as 67.6 million by 2020 if policymakers don't take action to contain health care costs.

Once again, California gets to be Exhibit A on why we desperately need health care reform," said Anthony Wright, executive director of Health Access California.

Fewer than half of the state's children now get health coverage from their parents' jobs, according to the UCLA study.

Ranks of those without health insurance soar in California, Sacramento County - Medical News -


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