This appears to be some significant help for those who can grow a beard, but yet are bald on top.  From what is shown here it looks pretty good.  The article also states the doctor can also use other body hair, like the chest and stomach.  I didn’t see any mention of leg hair, yet.  This certainly looks so much better than current surgical technologies where by it is invasive and painful surgery to have hair transplanted.  Your chest can now reside on your head, the hair that is.

You can watch the video to see repair of some surgical procedures that were not too hot as well with fixing the old “plugs” as they look like.   When you watch the videos you see some pretty ugly scarring too.   It is not immediate and results are seen within 12-18 months, but that beats the alternative of never seeing hair.  There’s no scalpel used either and the procedure is a micro surgical technique.  If you are considering a hair transplant, this appears to be a physician and office to check out.  BD 

LOS ANGELES, March 8 /PRNewswire/ -- FineTouch Dermatology, Inc. announces the Body Hair Transplantation (BHT) hair restoration method. This new method provides patients with the opportunity to fix bad hair transplants damaged by traditional hair restoration techniques.

This new and exciting option is now offered by Dr. Sanusi Umar, a Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon and board certified dermatologist who is internationally known for his incredible hair transplant surgery repairs. For the past five years, Dr. Umar has used Body Hair Transplant to repair many poor hair transplant cases, previously believed hopeless.

One patient Dr. Umar helped had lost his donor hair supply after multiple antiquated scalp hair restoration surgeries. He was not only left bald, but also with several disfiguring scars. Prior surgeries included multiple scalp reductions and strip and punch hair transplants, with the creation of unnatural plugs in the frontal scalp and hairline. As a result, the patient had ridging and pitting and his temples and half of his head were devoid of hair.

Dr. Umar carried out the hair restoration repair at his Los Angeles office using approximately 15,000 chest, stomach and shoulder hair grafts; 6,000 beard hair grafts; and about 1,000 head hair grafts. The results of this hair restoration repair can be viewed by clicking here (

Los Angeles Hair Transplant Cosmetic Surgeon Corrects Bad Hair Transplants With New Hair Restoration Method -- LOS ANGELES, March 8 /PRNewswire/ --


  1. Excessive hair loss or androgenetic alopecia causes significant distress since it brings a negative image to the person affected by it. Aside from the social stigma baldness has, it also brings to most people that sense of insecurity and maybe even shame. However, nowadays there modern science has introduced a lot of measures and treatments to help relieve the hair loss problem.

  2. This looks quite promising, and is definitely better than having to go through those painful transplants.


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