Yes this is a healthcare blog and the reason this story is here is to give some thought about security everywhere, like hospitals.  Will this be the future to not only imagehelp track patients but perhaps also their visitors?   We already have security cameras so the only alternative here is that if your phone broadcasts your serial number, turn it off if you don’t want to be tracked. 

TSA Scanners Can Store and Transmit Images – Features are Just Disabled

TSA will have access to a little more information other than your scan, which as I talked about earlier, they can save them if they want. 

TSA Eyes Full-Body Scanners – Could It Evolve To Include Looking for “Unhealthy Travelers” Too?

This might have some benefits in the other direction of curbing some rude and self centered cell phone users too:)  One thing for sure if used in a hospital it would certainly be a tool to encourage those to turn off their phones if they didn’t want to be tracked through the facility. 

My question is what type of software will monitor and report this information and to who?  How will it be analyzed in referenced to your scan?  I guess we will hear more as the program develops.  BD 

The Transportation Security Administration, ominously known as the TSA, wants to be able to track your cellphone while you go through airport security. It wants to do so in order to better understand how airport security lines work in order to streamline the process. That’s the official reason. We could always jump to conclusions and assume the TSA just wants to know where you are so the government can control your every move. Not even I am that conspiratorial.

The device, which was developed by researchers at Purdue University (and has been on trial at Indianapolis International Airport), keeps track of cellphones’ unique serial number. Every phone out there has a unique number, so officials are able to record, to a pretty accurate degree, how look it took you to go through security. If the findings show that it takes, like, an hour to go from beginning to end, well, then maybe something needs to be fixed about that particular security area.

TSA to track your cellphone signal to improve airport security waiting time


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