The old paper records keep showing up in new places, this time in the trash at a fast food building.  I said this a while back and I think it still holds true, we some public shredders please! 

Public Shredders Please! Medical Record Dumping On the Rise

We Need Public Shredders – More Paper Medical Records Found in a Dumpster

I have often said that any electronic records system should come complete with at least one shredder if not more depending on size. 

Shredding in my estimation IS meaningful use!  BD 


When a fast food worker found three folders with private information on three different people, he decided to call KENS 5. We tracked down the three men who were none too happy to find their personal information compromised.

We contacted one of the medical offices named in the documents, a spokesperson said they're trying to find out exactly what happened.

Under the 2005 Identity Theft Enforcement Act, businesses are required to have procedures in place to destroy customers' personal information. The state can fine businesses $500 to $2000 per abandoned record.

Medical records found in drive-thru trash can | | San Antonio News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | Local News


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