I first posted about the project back in September of 2008 and CMS is now extending the pilot program.   You can view the demo pages here that show the various screens available for the patients.  What is nice is to be able to search Medicare claims to see what is being processed and what is on file. 

According to this update, participation has exceeded the expectations for South Carolina Medicare beneficiaries that has 660,000 eligible participants.  It is noted that due to the level that have signed up and are participating, this reinforces the fact that Medicare beneficiaries do have an interest in having a PHR.  The pilot program has now been extended until September 2010.  A few quotes from the website below: 
“In order to provide additional information for your record, MyPHRSC launched a new partnership with TRICARE for LIFE to populate 24 months of pharmacy data for individuals who have both Medicare and TRICARE for Life Coverage. Initially, pharmacy data will be provided. However, additional data may be provided as the pilot continues. You may authorize TRICARE for LIFE pharmacy and additional data to be populated into your record by clicking on the TRICARE for LIFE logo on the MyPHRSC Welcome Page. If you do not want this information to appear in your record, you do not need to do anything at this time.

Although the information contained in MyPHRSC comes from Medicare claims data, Medicare will not have access to your information through MyPHRSC. Only you and the people you authorize will be able to view your record.

For questions about your TRICARE for Life coverage, please call 1-800-444-5445. If you have questions about your pharmacy data, please call 1-866-363-8779. For more information on TRICARE for Life, go to TRICARE for LIFE.”


The Confusing Issue of the PHR – Personal Health Record

The PHR is powered by HealthTrio, LLC, which is a web based software program developed by the company to aggregate and bring all the information together through the PHR.  In addition, CMS also has the ongoing PHR project for Medicare recipients in Arizona and Utah and that program is lacking training and education all the way around for participants.  Here’s one link below and there are several others on the blog relative to that project.  BD 

Medicare's Updates Pilot Personal Health Record Program – Medicare PHR Choice




A personal health record pilot in South Carolina, which incorporates both Medicare and military Tricare claims data, has been extended through Sept. 30, 2010.

The Internet-based My Personal Health Record-South Carolina (MyPHRSC), a Medicare project, provides its 4,500 participants 24 months of Medicare A and B claims history and 24 months of Tricare pharmacy data upon request.



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