I try to keep current on these announcements and March 27th in Atlanta is the next event.  Last year a huge clinic co-sponsored by Dr. Oz was held in Texas and here’s a few links below to past events.  If you are in the Atlanta area and can volunteer information is provided below on where to go.  BD 

National Association of Free Clinics Needing Volunteers for Free Clinic for Uninsured in Hartford on Feb 3rd

National Association of Free Clinics in Kansas City December 9-10 – Free Medical Care for Uninsured

'The Dr. Oz Show' and the National Association of Free Clinics Host One Day of Free Public HealthCare

In Georgia, almost 18 percent of the non-elderly residents do not have health insurance. “We are excited to be able to hold a C.A.R.E. clinic in Georgia where the work of free clinics is very much needed” Donna Looper, Executive Director of the Georgia Free Clinic Network, said. “A strong network of clinics and other safety net providers exists throughout the state. Not only will patients receive immediate care at this event, but they will also be connected to this network that can offer them care on an ongoing basis.”

In 2008, free clinics across the nation provided care to about 4 million uninsured people, including 175,000 in Georgia. In 2009, that doubled to about 8 million people, despite a decline in donations. In Georgia, a $1 donation to free clinics typically provides $9 worth of service.

“It is important to note that being uninsured is not the same as being un-employed,” NAFC Executive Director Nicole Lamoureux said. “About 83 percent of uninsured people have jobs. At past C.A.R.E. Clinics, we found that many of the patients worked at two or more jobs but did not receive health insurance benefits. Some even worked as nurses or for insurance companies but still did not have insurance themselves.”

Information for volunteers is available online at: www.regonline.com/Atlanta_CARE_Clinic, as well as at http://freeclinics.us or http://www.gfcn.org

Volunteers Needed for One-Day Health Clinic | Atlanta Daybook


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