I really don’t know how much more some member of Congress need to hear, but we need it.  During the relief effort for Haiti we heard hospitals crying out for relief and this is somewhat is happening below, 2 hospitals in Miami ready to close and not much help from the City who has their own issues with money deficits.  I might also add during this time too that the hospitals in the area were being scrutinized as well as to how many many patients they were seeing and if any were being turned away too.  

Jackson Health System Announces the Closure of 2 Hospitals in the Miami-Dade Area – Not Enough Money To Keep the Doors Open

The story the President tells is the same story that has happened to thousands if not more in the US when it comes to health insurance.  If the system is not working with having enough of a base to spread out cost, then we need to move on to the next plan and not just raise premiums as it will only get worse.  BD 


In what could be a make or break week for health care overhaul, President Obama highlighted the struggle of one Ohio woman facing a serious illness without health insurance and injected a human element into the frantic negotiations and debate back in Washington.

Health Care Reform: Obama Makes Final Push for Health Care Plan in Ohio - ABC News


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