This proves interesting as Allergan back in October last year filed a law suit for the “off label” warning to be removed, in other words the “black box” warning.  Allegan is also facing competition in this area that sells the same product for a cheaper price. Botox is looking to almost be the everything/anything injection as studies are also in progress for using with migraine headaches and injections being able to shrink a prostate gland. 

Allergan Suing the FDA – Wants Off Label Ban for Botox Removed

In addition, in one instance, botox injections gave a grandmother her voice back too.  BD

Botox gives grandmother her voice back

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it approved the drug to treat spasticity in the flexor muscles, a condition that can result from stroke, brain injury or multiple sclerosis. The muscles can become stiff and painful, affecting patients' daily activities.


Botox works by blocking the connections between nerves and muscles, temporarily paralyzing the spastic muscle.

Botox carries a strong warning indicating the effects of botulinum toxin may spread from the injection site to other parts of the body, causing symptoms including swallowing and breathing difficulties that can be life-threatening.

In addition to cosmetic uses, Botox is approved to treat underarm sweating and a condition known as cervical dystonia that causes neck spasms. It is being tested for a variety of medical uses, including migraine headaches.

FDA approves Botox to treat wrist, finger spasms | Reuters


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