I say it can’t get much worse, but it does.  Death threats are to be taken seriously by all means and there’s anger on both sides. Blaming each other and the other party accomplishes nothing.  I tell people all the time to watch what you put on the Internet about yourself, well the same applies here too plus there’s additional media coverage as in this video from CNN. 

Perhaps all politicians are still living in a world of “tech denial” and don’t get this.  In the meantime it certainly makes for some real “stupid” and disgusting news.  Our leaders are out of touch and this certainly makes the case.  Blame shifting should not be a part of government – collaboration makes more sense.  Why do you think the American public trust is at its all time low?  Again, threats are to be taken seriously by all means, but for the 99.9999999% of us peaceful citizens in this country there’s a few other emotions we experience from all of this and those are disgust, laughter and a lack of trust and confidence in our leadership. 

This is distraction at one of the highest peaks that I have ever seen, disruptive enough to prevent any real progress and the fish in the tank are totally incoherent.  BD

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