Current paper files are scanned into the system instead of boxes of paper to be reviewed individually.  Reviewers will now be looking at the “virtual claims” on a imagecomputer screen, about time.  We have all read about the terrible backlog that veterans currently face with claims. 

Social Security To Start Sharing Electronic Records with VA and DOD in February 2010

As you can see above, Social Security is ready to begin sharing records with the VA too.  BD  

If the interminable backlog of veterans' disability claims has any chance of being eliminated, the system must go paperless.

But how to move to a fully electronic system is the quandary, and one Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki wants resolved by 2012, when a modern system is to start rolling out.

At a Baltimore VA office, which Shinseki visited Wednesday, 30 claims processors have been rotated in to meticulously review virtual test pages. They are part of the conversation as VA officials address difficult questions: Should millions of veterans' files in storage be scanned? How is a veteran's privacy going to be protected? What questions should veterans be asked as they fill out an automated form to start the claims process?

VA tests system for electronic disability claims


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