We have lost the way to look at situations as humans any longer, could things have been done differently?  The Utopia of risk free living is just that.  Doctors are imageafraid to speak up.  Schools are drowning in law.  He says “people are acting like idiots” among some other great informative topics. 

People don’t trust the law today and it is too detailed, no human can possibly comprehend.  It’s not a matter of amending the laws, we need trust and I agree there.  We have lost trust.  The law changes the way people think and drives us from the “smart and creative” side of the brain to conscious logic. This is one of the reasons I suggest “algorithmic centric laws” so we can see visuals, see the formulas run and have a digital living working sample for legal purposes.  This model would save a hell of a lot of time and make things easier to understand and could allow interpretations with individuals and not judging everyone as a group. 

Are We Ever Going to Get Some Algorithm Centric Laws Passed for Healthcare!

If you make people self conscious about what they are doing, they will do worse.  Do we see that in healthcare, you bet and much of this is seen with some over working some areas of care and analysis. 

What people can sue for sets the boundaries for everything else and some of this gets out of sorts. Life is too complex with software programs, and I agree here, with as much as I like technology this is a truism. Law needs to be simple enough to internalize it, otherwise you have no trust.  Law needs to be re-humanized, just like healthcare does. 

The legal system has set the roles for no longer allowing values.  Society is being run by the lowest common denominator.  BD 


The land of the free has become a legal minefield, says Philip K. Howard -- especially for teachers and doctors, whose work has been paralyzed by fear of suits. What's the answer? A lawyer himself, Howard has four propositions for simplifying US law.

Philip K. Howard: Four ways to fix a broken legal system | Video on TED.com


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