From my prior post on this topic, the Department of Justice dismissed the Aetna case against Pfizer; however, Kaiser Permanente was able to document their imageeducation efforts and provide proof of their efforts and time spent with clinicians.  The charges revolved around off label marketing of the drug and Kaiser using evidence based medicine.  

“In looking at the 2 different business models here, I don’t think there’s any difficulty in seeing the very 2 different paths taken in this instance and the Kaiser suit so far still stands.  Aetna didn’t show an attempt to solve the problem  it appears, where I see Kaiser using education also having a staff of better informed clinicians when completed, anyone argue that one? “ BD

Pfizer 1 Aetna 0 – Score in Off Label Drug Legal Case – Kaiser Used Education to Change Prescribing Practices and Marketing And Their Case Still Stands

We are very pleased that justice has been achieved for our members and the physicians, pharmacists and staff who care for them.

Kaiser Permanente, along with the rest of the medical world, relied on the published science about Neurontin’s effectiveness, not knowing it had been wrongfully manipulated. As a result, we ultimately spent more than one hundred million dollars on a very expensive drug that we now know is no more effective than a placebo for pain, bipolar, and many other conditions it was promoted to relieve.

Kaiser Permanente Statement on Verdict in Neurontin Case | Kaiser Permanente News Center


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