This makes a very good point about “tech denial” and lack of participation and understanding of some governmental leaders.  We have wellness programs and analytics that are put there to help consumers, but what about the balance here?  A truck driver could have an accident being distracted doing something “good” for their healthcare.  When the analytics area sets in, they may not look at some of these facts.  This is called disruptive technology in some areas. So if texting is not going to be allowed, how about the rest of the story to help protect the consumer when analytics are run and they are told they have been “non compliant” or not fully compliant, and in time this can affect the payment of healthcare claims.  

Cleveland Clinic/Microsoft Study Case Study Released – Disease Management with Patient/Physician Connectivity Through PHR and Wireless Devices Reporting Data

If you have noticed in the last month or so, there’s a huge influx of insurance companies buying wellness companies and in my opinion when it goes outside the contracting area this could in fact when combined with algorithmic analysis projects come under some conflicts of interest.  I think they know very well what direction they are going with all of this to “get the data”.  We are leaving some issues here not covered and again it somewhat goes back once more to non participation and “tech denial” in not being aware of how technology is impacting our lives today.  The video at the link below does a real good job in connecting how we need to enhance how we combine science (technology) with the morality of being human.  On Wall Street, this makes little difference as devices and other conditions to meet with be tossed with no restraints at consumers in order to make profit dollars.  The same holds true with device companies who have VC funds and a short pocket book, get some sales on the books no matter what you need to do, our company needs to survive. 

ONC Names Beacon Grant Program Managers – To Be Handed Out When Meaningful Use Is Defined And We Find The Magic Solution of Combining Science and Morality – An Urgent Situation At Hand

A driver could be distracted and have an accident by being involved in collecting and submitting their data for healthcare reasons just as easy as sending a text message, so let’s not leave the laws here half covered and be sure to protect the consumer as wellness programs and their use of biometric and wireless technologies continue to grow. 

Meaningful Use We Have the Name But Now for Some Standards? Let’s try Meaningful Algorithms Instead

Here’s a video that talks about a successful program with a truck driver doing just that, while on the road he is connecting, cell phone and computer.  Wireless and medical devices that report data are the most overlooked potential area for healthcare technology growth and there is very little attention being given here as we need to come to the realization that both privacy and data entry methodologies are changing in many areas, it’s not all humans doing the input anymore.  This is life as it is evolving in the “real world”.  BD  

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Transportation Department proposed Wednesday to make permanent a ban on text messaging while driving interstate commercial trucks and buses.

The plan, which was announced on an interim basis in January by the Transportation secretary Ray LaHood, would apply to drivers of interstate buses and trucks over 10,000 pounds.

Truck and bus drivers who text while driving could face civil or criminal penalties.

U.S. Plans to Ban Text Messaging by Truck and Bus Drivers -


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