The video speaks of where stem cell research is currently in the US and revisits the big breakthrough from a couple years ago when skin cells could be used instead of the actual embryo for research.  That discovery rapidly set things on fire for research in so many areas. 

Mentioned in the video is the project at UCI and you can hear a patient speak about how during the trial stage she has made an almost complete recovery from her spinal cord damage. 

Also mentioned here is all the millions of dollars that are invested in stem cell research across the country. 

Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Data Submitted – UCI Irvine Waiting for FDA to Approve For Treatment of Patients with Spinal Cord Damage

At UCI the doctor is turning stem cells into nerves and the doctor has one big ambition, his daughter and is working diligently to help cure her.  Stem cells are also helping with cancer research with the development of a drug that attacks “cancer stem cells” in the body.  BD 

After years of research and billions of dollars spent, stem cell research is promising, but how close are we? Dr. Jon LaPook shows us 'Where America Stands' on stem cell research.

Where America Stands: Stem Cell Research - CBS News Video


  1. We should have more openness in testing and funds availability to the organizations for treatments like stem cell research . Stem cell treatments are going play a major role and change way of medical sciences in the near future.

  2. I agree on stem cell research and with today's technology, we don't even need the embryos any longer.


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