This a a very thought provoking talk, especially when it comes to healthcare.  What is doing the right thing?  image

I have always said “there’s more important things in life than being right, but do the right thing”.  In other words what is the “right thing” to do, and he uses some pretty compelling examples.

We need a universal conception of human value as he states in the video. 

This is a very difficult topic to speak about and he does a pretty good job.  He relates to how in science things sometimes get diluted with both opinions and what is black and white.  When talking about facts, certain opinions need to be excluded.  Does every opinion have to count?  How does ignorance on the subject of “human well being” impacting us. 

It is possible for cultures and societies to subscribe to the wrong opinions and this leads to a lot of human suffering.  He mentions some of the “evil” technology too that we live with today and how to acknowledge it’s existence.  BD 


Sam Harris: Science can answer moral questions | Video on


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