Everybody that reads here, knows I am a fan of Tags and I have an entire series of how they can be used in healthcare, they work with RFIDs too.  Watch the video and see how they are used for entertainment.  I guess that must come first, you think?   This is all free too.  The link below explains all.  We have a huge case here of tech denial or the inability to admit that Tags can save lives.

Tags for Use in Healthcare – Medical Stents, Medications - One Scan Away From Safety Information in Real Time

I know some of this is difficult as Congress is just now addressing not allowing government employees to use peer to peer music and video sharing networks, which companies and other institutions have dealt with years ago, tech denial and lack of participation at it’s best at the top levels.  Use that phone and put your insurance EOB information into your PPR, not typing…

Scan that knee, hip, defibrillator before you use it, takes a few seconds and will help hospital registries function and less mistakes. 

People die as they get implanted with a device that has been recalled and accidentally got left on the shelf, is this not reason enough to get on with this as it is a preventable death!!  Watch the video and pretend there’s a box with a stent in it that has been recalled, would it not be nice to see that appear on the screen instantly???

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If it has been recalled, one scan would let you know.  Medical device companies can use this to ensure recalls are not missed.  I wrote a post about one man who died because the doctors and hospitals missed the implant recall and it malfunctioned.   Here’s my tags and you can find them on the blog all the time, ones goes to a text file and the other takes you to my blog on your cell phone browser.  Try them out.  BD

The clip above was shown today on the CBS Early Show. CNET's Natali Del Conte discussed how QR codes may change the future of advertising and how consumers can scan the codes with their cell phones to receive information on their mobile phone.  Although the segment focused mostly on the QR code, Natali did show off several Microsoft Tag examples in magazines such as Self, Details and Golf Digest, video games like Halo Wars and even a We The Kings promotional music poster. Having the Tag reader on your phone allows you to read any Microsoft Tag that you may come across.  It's easy to distinguish a Tag from a QR code:

  QR Code               Microsoft Tag



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