With the talk of reform and policy cost improving, there’s still a lot of money in the till for acquisitions it appears.  You can check out the website and again this iimages one more program focused at employers.  They have a gym in Seattle that goes along with the program. 

They also have a page on the website to sell you some nutritional products and devices. Is this the next move with wellness and fitness with insurance companies beginning to buy the gyms?  There are more than 2 million members in the northwest.  Regence Blue Shield had offered the plan to their own employees for the last year. 

From the website:

“ Kinetix offers a variety of programs to our corporate clients. These are customized programs that can be implemented effectively whether your employees sit in one location, are distributed in many locations, or a combination of both. Our product line has been designed to give our clients maximum flexibility and freedom while delivering consistent and measurable results.”

SEATTLE, Mar 10, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Maveron LLC, a Seattle-based venture capital firm focused on helping exceptional entrepreneurs build great consumer businesses, announced the asset acquisition of portfolio company Kinetix Living Corp. by Regence BlueShield of Washington. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. 


Kinetix, a Seattle-based company that helps people get and stay in the best shape of their lives, provides customized health and nutrition programs to corporate clients and individuals across the country. Kinetix has built a compelling, scalable and integrated business based on three pillars: fitness, nutrition and a supportive online community that promotes wellness at work and at home.



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