New England Sinai Hospital has closed it’s doors to new patients at the suggestion of the state inspectors.  Overall patients stated the hospital offered good care and imageservice.  The one man interviewed stated that he thought the staff was stretched too thin, and he may just have a very good point as we read about more hospital layoffs quite frequently in the news and over 50% of the hospitals operate in the red today. 

By closing for 21 days it will allow the hospital to do the training and other matters needed.  This could happen anywhere in any city but since it is a chronic care facility they couldn’t answer whether or not chronic care patients who have to be re-admitted could return.   BD


(NECN: Scot Yount, Stoughton, Mass.) - Massachusetts state health inspectors have been on site at New England Sinai Hospital for seven days and found a number of specific concerns that have led the 83 year old institution to stop admitting new patients.
Inspectors identified concerns about skin and wound care, documentation and patient safety.
State officials suggested the 212 bed hospital close its doors to new patients and the hospital agreed after some patients were improperly restrained or had wounds not properly cared for.  One man nearly lost his foot after an improperly placed iv interrupted blood flow.

Concerns prompt hospital to stop taking new admissions


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