The senator supports reform and has worked hard to gain supporters.  I guess he may have been distracted and changed his vote, and this has been done twice now.  What’s his level of distraction?

Is Distraction Getting in the Way of HealthCare Reform?

I think I am right when I say we live in a world of constant disruption and this proves that point.  Can you imagine if our Senators and Representatives had to participate with a biometric monitoring too!  They all thought Twitter was a big evil, but what if the game was for real and all your statistics started being recorded like they think should be good for us?  Could they stand it?  Congress is in better position than us though as they have no restrictions and on how they are “scored” like we are for cost. 

Distraction and Disruption – A Way of Life Today with Technology - Do Our Leaders Understand What Is Happening?

“We make laws” and don’t have time to participate, we know what is best for the country?  Is this what we are hearing today?  I kind of seems that way.  I would love to see a session of Congress with members getting text messages to get up and move around, having to answer the messages and so on with wearing a device like a Fitbit or Muve Gruve.   Could they function this way and create laws at the same time?  Looks like they are easily confused without biometrics, but they know they are good for us, right????  The words of the non participants.  

They certainly think it is ok for us, but that’s the world of the non participants that subscribe to the philosophy of “its for those guys over there”.  BD 


Washington (CNN) -- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid mistakenly called out "no" Thursday when asked for his vote on the health care reconciliation bill, setting the chamber howling with laughter.

Reid voted the wrong way when the clerk called for his vote, realized his error and quickly changed his vote to "yes."

"He did it again," someone said amid laughter.

Reid casts wrong vote on health care for second time -


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