Well somebody took the brave task of getting the Quack to talk “Algorithms”.  Actually I hope I have something intelligent to talk about:)  If you read the blog here then you know I try to take perhaps some confusing or complicated issues and make them simple and connect dots as far as the “other side” of healthcare goes, the business technology side of things that give us all headaches and it changes all the time.  So we are going to talk about data, data more data, and the algorithms.  I keep that word on the center of my blog as everything is revolving around the formulas and information created by computer code.  I hope you will join in and this is my first guest spot here to bear with me a bit.  I seem to cover many different areas at times and I need that 15-30 seconds at times to shift gears. 
Call-in Number: (347) 539-5527

Again I thank Gregg for the invitation here and look forward to the time.  6:00 pm worked great for me as I found out that Southern California Edison is also doing infrastructure updates that same day and said I should all be up at 4:00 pm, so no doing laundry that day!   The power company is getting close to putting chips in our meters so there goes another group of people unfortunately who are being replaced with some type of technology.  As much as I love technology and what it can do, I don’t like seeing the side where people lose jobs or where it is used against individuals for unjustified monetary gain.  That will be a topic next week.  I hope to see you logged on and tuned in.  You can use the phone or you can log in on the internet or do both!  I mention this for those who have never been on Blog Talk Radio.  BD 


“On the Tuesday, March 16th broadcast, at 6PM Pacific, and 9PM Eastern, I chat with Barbara Duck, aka the 'MedicalQuack', see: http://ducknetweb.blogspot.com/.

We'll talk about a range of topics in the health care 'transformation' space, and kick around the idea of 'who is really to blame' for the near imploding health care 'house of cards' we find ourselves in? Do health insurers really deserve the lion's share of the blame?

After all, there is plenty to go around. What about niche players like PBMs, or for profit hospital management companies, and their massive 'non profit' (aka tax exempt) brethren, have they really delivered on their (quality, cost, access, value) promises other than those made to Wall Street or via their ostensible community benefit claims? Join us for a lively and potentially controversial exchange.”

Payors Alogorithms other Dubious Deals with the MedicalQuack aka Barbara Duck 3/16/2010 - @2healthguru on Blog Talk Radio


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