If you belong to Kaiser in northern California, Stanford Medical will now be able to see your medical records for the purpose of studying imageheart disease.  It doesn't say if the records will be anonimized or not.  Stanford will have access to 3.3 million records to study what is working and what is not for heart disease.  Treatment plans, including prescription drugs and devices, such as stents and defibrillators, will all be scrutinized along with open heart surgery cases.  BD   

The new center will be called The American Heart Association - Pharmaceutical Roundtable Outcomes Research Center. The heart association has also provided funds to create similar heart disease research centers at Duke University and at UCLA. The Kaiser and Stanford researchers will use Kaisers patient-care data in their studies, linking for the first time medical databases for all of Kaiser Permanente's 3.3 million Northern California members.

Kaiser and Stanford get $3.89M to study heart disease - East Bay Business Times:


  1. I just received a email from Navinet announcing Aetna Personal Health Records are now available online.

    Navinet is encouraging medical offices who treat Aetna patients to ask them to complete their personal medical records online.

    This means any medical office that has access to the Aetna website will be able to view this documentation.



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