This is a fairly new concept of mixing fat and stem cells for breast surgery.  The article states that the potential of going up a couple sizes may not be there, only about one size, but the surgery can be repeated.  Fat is taken from other parts of the body.  The machine does the mixing to create the solution.  This had not been approved here by the FDA and and due to the fact that stem cells and fat are being mixed it falls under their area of jurisdiction. 

Most procedures have been done in Japan so far.  If successful, this could be a good technique for restoration after breast cancer.  Being the patient is the donor, there's no fear of rejection, but the main fear is rather that the tissue could turn hard or calcify after time. 

One physician stated he had reservations as there's not enough information yet over time to determine how this process will maintain after a few years or so. "The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery's research arm is funding a breast-augmentation study. Patients are being recruited at"  BD 

Researchers around the world are seeking ways to regenerate damaged hearts, spines and skin with stem cells. At an operating table here recently, Kotaro Yoshimura leaned over a 51-year-old woman and put stem cells to use for a different purpose: cosmetic breast surgery.

A small San Diego company, Cytori Therapeutics Inc., says it has invented a machine that combines fat with a mixture of stem cells and other regenerative cells. The device is being used by some hospitals in Europe and Japan. Cytori is sponsoring human tests in Europe and talking to the FDA about similar efforts in the U.S.


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  1. Many doctors can show you a "before and after" image that will let you determine what will look best for your body type.


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