imageIn addition to the product shows below, a week ago Medtronic also purchased another company PreciSense A/S, a Denmark-based development company with technology for monitoring glucose levels. 

The clinical trial results the CEO speaks of in the video can be read here:

Additional information on the VEO unit can be found here:

When you think of Medtronic, it seems one always thinks about the heart devices, or at least I do.  As you can see from the video and from the links, we have devices here that report data, wireless, from one part of your body to the other in this case.  As mentioned in the video, the next device will even be smaller.  Already there are devices that report glucose levels to software gathering applications and this is probably one more device that will soon be connecting to a personal health record.  This is moving so rapidly that in a couple years one person could have 2, 3 or possibly even more devices to keep track of, depending on their treatment plan. 

We will need somewhere centrally locate and give access permission too, so again, one more reason to get started with a PHR.  In addition, soon doctors will be needing portals where the information can quickly be accessed with an EMR for further evaluation.  I see the EMR/EHR as being the focal point for the physician as to keep track of many systems with various warnings, alerts, etc would be overwhelming.  My GlucoHealth already has connectivity to the HealthVault for submitting data. 

Come to think of it here’s one more maybe the HealthVault has not found yet, the “Data Pillow”.  We do need some standards as far as collection and use real soon and hopefully the study at UCLA will offer some help soon with participatory sensing. 

Are Cell Phones Enabling anyone to be a Scientist or Doctor - Participatory Sensing from CENS at UCLA

Back on track the video shows the current product, VEO and the new one hopefully to be approved for use soon the US as it has been used in Europe for a while now.  BD


Medtronic CEO on Diabetes -

Hat Tip:  Motley  Fool

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