Picis before the acquisition by Ingenix already had many hospital installations so it imageappears this is to be one more area of revenue generation for Ingenix, a wholly owned subsidiary of United Healthcare.  During the last year Ingenix purchases several additional technology companies and Picis was one of them. 

Perhaps all the subsidiary purchases were in view of looking at a smaller amount of revenue from the actual health insurance side of the business as United stated this week that next year would probably not be a banner year like this one was, so some revenue will be coming from the government now to go to their bottom life profits with software and technology efforts.  BDimage

WAKEFIELD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Picis announced it has been awarded a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) contract to implement an anesthesia record keeping (ARK) system in the Stars & Stripes Healthcare Network, a Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) serving Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to serve as a core technology within the VA healthcare community, and believe it reflects our commitment to and history of helping hospitals automate documentation and optimize high-acuity care for our veterans”

Known as VISN 4, this group of VA medical centers selected Picis Preop Manager, Anesthesia Manager and PACU Manager to streamline clinician workflow, anesthesia documentation and continuity of care before, during and after surgical cases. Picis Critical Care Manager is already being deployed in VISN 4’s intensive care units (ICU).

By selecting Picis for anesthesia and the ICU, VISN 4 healthcare providers will have easy access to complete patient care records — spanning surgical care and the ICU — in one application and on one common, central database.

Picis Anesthesia Manager and PACU Manager help clinicians manage large volumes of data in the operating room (OR) by assembling important data and providing a complete overview of a patient's status at any point in time. By automating the intraoperative and postoperative anesthesia documentation, including patient vital signs and physiologic data, these solutions are designed to provide a more complete, accurate and legible record that enhances accountability and increases clinician efficiency. Combined with Picis Critical Care Manager, the result is a care guidance system that enables clinicians to treat high-acuity patients using comprehensive care information available where and when they need it.

Picis, now part of Ingenix, is a global provider of innovative solutions that enable rapid and sustained delivery of clinical documentation, financial and operational results in the emergency departments, surgical suites and intensive care units of more than 1,900 hospitals in 19 countries. For more information about Picis, visit www.picis.com.

Department of Veterans Affairs Selects Picis for Prestigious VISN 4 Award for Anesthesia Record Keeping, Complementing its ICU Deployment | Business Wire


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