Talk about drama when getting a lay off notice, an instant message to meet in imagethe lobby and then taken to a hotel for the official word.  Drama king tactics seem to exist with layoffs today.   It sounds almost like people are being round up like a herd of cattle for goodness sakes.  The layoffs were part of a reorganization effort and realignment of sales and sales support.  Also in the news this week the company found out they did not get the Tri-Care business after all as the GAO said their bid was not valid, but this was in the south part of the country and I don’t think it had anything to do with the layoffs in California from what I read. 

Humana Keeps Tricare In The South And Back in May of 2010 HealthNet Was Able to Keep the Northeast-Both Companies Filed Appeals

Let’s not forget this was another record year for profits for the company. 

The “algorithm” side of their business, Ingenix and subsidiaries increased 10% and if you watched the news this year there were more then plenty acquisitions made at the tech level of the company, subsidiary watch.  When you look at the sector of business below on the chart, prescription and health revenue units were down but the algorithm revenue was up!  There’s money in those Algos.

Full Year Revenues of $94.2 Billion Increased 8% Year-Over-Year, and Include a 10% Increase in Fourth Quarter Revenues to $24 Billion.  BD

UnitedHealth Group Reports Record Profits for 2010 of $1.80 Billion-Algorithm Revenues Up with Subsidiary Groups Too

UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement laid off 180 workers in Santa Ana today as part of a company consolidation, a company spokesman confirmed.

“UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement is realigning parts of our sales and sales support functions,” the spokesman said. “Unfortunately, as part of the shift, some positions are being eliminated in California.”

The spokesman said the health insurer wanted to streamline activities that are being done in multiple places. The Santa Ana work will be shifted to other business locations, including Minnesota, Wisconsin and Virginia, said the spokesman.

One UnitedHealthcare worker said those affected got an instant message to meet in the lobby. They were then taken to hotel where they were notified they were being laid off.

UnitedHealthcare lays off 180 in O.C. - Handling Hard Times - The Orange County Register


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