This is a step in the right direction but overall, what’s more important, finding recalled imagedrugs and devices or finding out about Baby Wipes?  Baby Wipes target a limited crowd as you can guess.  It’s great that they added Tags to 32 million packages of Baby Wipes that is not a live threatening or FDA recall type situation.  I have sent this idea to Johnson and Johnson, oh at least over a year ago when they came out with all their Tylenol Children’s recalled products, so maybe something got done, Baby Wipe Tags? 

Again, for some reason folks only see value with Microsoft Tags and other bar codes for advertising purposes and sad that it gets so stereo typed.  Here’s a recent page on the Medical Quack where I tool a few posts and summarized in one place and there are tons more I should add when I get time and we have J and J right up there, as they are king of recalls right now with the Triad situation running a very close second.  You can donate to charity this way but you can’t save your life it seems. 


Healthcare Bar Code Posts

I did a pol and all kind of other activities to promote this but dead ears at the FDA and at Johnson and Johnson, and look at the Mom in the Tweet from Twitter, she wants it and it could even be more valuable than Baby Wipes too:)

Johnson and Johnson McNeil Healthcare Group Recalls Children’s Over the Counter Liquid Medications
Counterfeit Alli Warning from the FDA – We Should Be Using Technology for Easier Identification
We currently have the big Triad mess ongoing….
Triad Group Taints Smith and Nephew Device Company With Recalled Wipes How Many More Are Out There Under Private Labels?

Here’s a good article where I talked about a man who died as a recalled medical device was not pulled from hospital inventory and the man died 4 days later when it malfunctioned as a result.

Micro-Cap FDA Recalls Never End

You know what, Microsoft Tag was also kind enough to give me a little recognition here too on their Tags website.

“Microsoft Tag has had an exciting impact on the medical profession lately. The quarterly magazine Micro-Cap Review has recently featured one Ms. Barbara Duck, author of the Medical Quack blog, on the subject of Tag in the medical industry”.

This brings up an item for discussion, let’s say what if they had to recall those Baby Wipes, could Johnson and Johnson do it?  Hmmmm….leave comments on this if you like, the tags are there:)  Is this maybe a test with sticking one toe in the water?  I have also commented on how to treat their pallets outside to avoid the stink we keep getting, spent many years in logistics and watched the treating happen indoors for years, so based on the fact that this issue is hard to fix (take pallets outdoors) could they be up to a challenge as such <grin>. 

Johnson and Johnson Recalls Stinky Topamax Drug Used for Epilepsy-The Cold Weather Stench That Stole Topamax

This is cool too and I wonder if they are using the Microsoft Heat Map to see where all those Baby Wipes are, they can you know when the product is scanned. 

Counterfeit Johnson & Johnson OneTouch Products Investigation – One More Good Reason to Start “Tagging” Products for Consumers So We Can Scan for Authenticity

I even had a couple hospital IT guys really like this idea too and took time for a imagecouple of positive tweets.  Anyway, just curious is this Baby Steps with Baby Wipes?  Check out the original Bar code Campaign when it started, just use the image here for a huge recap. 

This IT person says, yes, combine with RFID at the hospital as they already work with bar coding. image image

So come on J and J, you have had this suggestion in house for a couple of years now so can we move the next level up and give the consumer some real value?  Other device and drug companies could do well to listen in here too.  Microsoft has patent on tamper proof bar codes when printed too.  Your employees do read here at the Medical Quack:)

Also of interest which should be added here is the use of Auth Tag to use soft imageencrypted tokens to give 2 way security to log on to company networks, wonder if J and J might have some use for this idea?  No more key fobs to haul around and guess what, it’s a known technology and it works with Personal Health Records like image[14]Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault.

Check out your next box of Wheaties and look for the Tag or in TV Guide to see what they look like in the grocery stores today. 

“Auth Tag” – Mobile Microsoft Bar Code Tags Using a Smartphone To Scan for Two Factor Authentication Giving Users Digital Tokens

image image

Auth Tags

Let’s watch this scenario evolve hopefully and see if J and J can move beyond Baby Wipes and show their true concern about winning consumers back and providing some instant FDA recall information as this would also help on tracking down and avoiding counterfeit drugs too and help the DEA find some of it.  We have a win-win-win here when the reality of what one technology can produce and help in so many ways, just waiting for brains to wake up soon.  BD

Diapers and baby wipes don't usually make you think "cute" and "eco-friendly." But the U.K. arm of Johnson & Johnson has a new recycling program that is just that.

"Wipe Out Waste" is the aptly titled new initiative in which Johnson & Johnson invites British moms, dads, and diaper-changers to mail in empty baby wipe packages. They can even print out a postage-paid mailing label, and Johnson & Johnson will make a donation to the charity of your choice. With help from uber-green recycling company Terracycle, the old baby wipe packages will take on new life in eco-friendly products.

Johnson_Johnson_Tags_Recycling_Program.aspx?category=retail from - StumbleUpon


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