Anonymous and LulzSec are the 2 groups that have been taking responsibility for the hacking of web sites and the Senate front end web facing site was hacked over the weekend with LulzSec taking credit, and reports are stating that no critical data and confidential information was accessed.  One thing I could say is all the press about the big name hackings is taking the focus a bit off of healthcare breached of late.  Citibank had their hack and break in as well.  Now the group wants Ben Bernanke to step down.  They are addressing the gap between rich and poor in the US in the video and their feelings on the recent failures of the system. You can watch the video below done with an old familiar computer voice. 

Anonymous Message

One thing for sure if nothing else from this message stands out, security needs attention all over the place and maybe a time to take a breath and work on locking down systems a little better.  Along with Sony another site named Bethesda Softworks also claims to have been hacked.  I hope this is the message the group is trying to relay and perhaps all of this will bring forward the need for some digital literacy with lawmakers too, one of my pet beefs on this blog.  How can they create laws without enough technology and knowledge to protect citizens?  I said a while back that members of Congress would do better to have some Algo Men around instead of the lobbyists. 

More Congressional Testimonies About Health IT–Members of Congress Could Entertain Getting an “Algo Man” on Staff As Wall Street and Health Insurers Have Them–Don’t Leave Home Without One

Also, some machine learning technology is what the doctor ordered for getting all the data together in queried formats so they can analyze and make better decisions.  One point the video does make in a round about way is the fact that we do have severe lacking of digital literacy and some of the laws that get passed and bills introduced kind of show it pretty clear with deadlines and goals for IT projects that can’t be met when you take a look at reality and the time it takes to engineer and plan today.  Whether it’s security, IT infrastructure, Health IT, rules, regulations, it all comes back to those algorithms and how they can both give and take away.

IBM Watson Did Get a Chance to Go To Congress-Should be a Permanent Home For Greater Intelligence for Creating Laws

I think with the theme of this post, it’s time for me to mention this book once more, “Proofiness, the Dark Side of Mathematical Deception” and it does open the door to begin explaining how mathematics have been and are used against those who have little or no recourse at times with a system of complicated algorithms ruling decision making processes and start with Wall Street and move on down the ladder here to almost every aspect of business. Everything happens when a stick of code gets written and put into an IT infrastructure and we want accurate out comes versus those that may be desired only as the 2 are not always the same and neither are the end results. 

Not too long ago Robert Scoble made a TED presentation and made one profound comment and I’m really beginning to think that this applies more and more as time goes on, “the future belongs to the geeks as nobody else wants it”. 

I think about that one a lot these days and maybe some of these attacks are to maybe bring our attention to a need for higher learning and to give up some of the time we spend on games since their sites seem to also be an active subject for the group?   BD   

“Proofiness–The Dark Side of Mathematical Deception”–Created by Those Algorithms–New Book Coming Out Soon

A group of hackers claimed it hacked the U.S. Senate's website, while in Turkey, authorities arrested thirty-two alleged members of the hacking group known as 'Anonymous'. Ian Sherr and Marc Champion have details on the recent spate of hack attacks.

Video - digits: Hackers Attack U.S. Senate Website -


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