This is a nice talk about where we are going today with technology and he talks about the lack of coders with everything connected today.  We need more mastering he states, and he hits on something I’ve always said way back when I imagewas in sales, that if I couldn’t tap into a person’s curiosity, then I would move on.   Sometimes in healthcare though we need better collaboration and get over taxed with applications that do one thing and we need algorithms packaged together to do many things quickly and easily and I am the first one to shout out about the glut of software that healthcare has that never gets used and then everyone blogs and complains about that fact all the time and again it comes back around to role models, curiosity and dumping the old paradigm of “its for those guys over there”.   

NFL players don’t even know how to do a direct deposit in their account and professional race team members have PHDs.  He went to one of my favorite places, Oakley here in southern California and references the guy who does “will it blend” imageand that was a great story on the blender.  One item to mention here too is that will these products be made here in the US or in other countries?  The future belongs to geeks as nobody else wants it so collaborate to innovate it is.   

Everything has code and it does and his own son who’s 17 years old he states doesn’t know how to code and we need engineers.  The President has stated and know that that too.

President Obama States “The US Doesn’t Have Enough Engineers (This Category Includes Company Developers)

Robert Scoble–The Future Belongs to the Geeks Because Nobody Else Wants It

The insurers are still ruling with all their code and algorithms in healthcare (who has all the control, the money and the engineers) and you can see we go through the efforts of certifying medical records coding but do nothing to make sure the insurance carrier code works fair (with accurate and not desired results). Do we have enough talent to put this into place? We have not so far and nobody has addressed this situation either as we need checks and balances, even in coder world..

With all of this, I’ll add a link to a prior post that I made about lawmaking, we need the knowledge here as well.  They need to make laws that apply and govern technology and healthcare and thus need to participate at even the most basic levels to understand all of this before it goes elsewhere to other countries.

Sure wish we had some engineers in Congress to build better laws…BD 

Digital Illiteracy Still Plaguing Lawmakers With Not Using High Powered Technology to Model and Simulate Healthcare Laws–Ryan Hasn’t Figured Out He’s No White Hope Yet (Video)


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