Now this is good, Twitter becomes even a little more valuable with the fact that a imagebiotech blogger and stock blogger announced it on Twitter, late Friday after getting a confirmation from the FDA that the drug has been approved.  This is Sunday and I just came across the story so if you haven’t heard yet, the press release is due out tomorrow. 

Oxecta is an opioid approved for moderate to severe pain and has a design to cut out common methods of abuse and is meant to be a short term prescription like after surgery recovery.  BD 


NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- U.S. regulators approved a new tamper-resistant painkiller from Pfizer(PFE_) and Acura Pharmaceuticals(ACUR_) Friday night, but you wouldn't have known it unless you were logged on to Twitter.

With none of the involved parties willing to speak about Oxecta, the public announcement of the drug's approval was made by Geoff Chambers, an economist and biotech stock blogger who tweets under the handle @Gekkowire.

Chambers tweeted "$ACUR approved" at 8:46 pm EDT after getting an email confirmation from FDA spokeswoman Riley.

Acura shares closed Friday's regular session down 5% to $3.87. The stock fell another 6% to $3.23 in after-hours trading when it seemed as if there would be no announcement about Oxecta's approval.

Pfizer, Acura Painkiller Approved by FDA - TheStreet


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