We knew this was coming in time when insurers and medical record companies imagewould get a little closer together.  The insurers are the big benefactors with both electronic records and billing provided to them.  As I read here there looks to be incentives from both companies, Allscripts on the EHR and Humana for rewarding physicians for improved clinical performance. 

It doesn’t say specifically who the selected physicians are and where but I’m sure more may follow later.  This is all about aggregating decision making software services imagethrough the EHR at the time of service and the partner for aggregating patient information data is Availity Health Information with their CareProfile patient record system,  and you can read is that the company is a collaboration from Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida.  I’m not sure why they have the quote and recommendation from Newt Gingrich on there but that’s another matter and we know how he likes to raise money.  Availity also offers clearing house services so they make money scrubbing claims for providers as well.   


About Availity from the website:

“In 2001, a team of forward-thinking professionals at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc. and Humana Inc. sought to empower and connect all Florida health care professionals with a smarter, online approach to electronic claims and other daily health plan transactions.

Availity combines dynamic technological innovation with imagean in-depth understanding of the health care industry. Our unique business model is based on the mutual benefits of collaboration and expansion of our network—not fee-based profits. We strongly believe that collaboration is the only way to reduce the rising administrative costs for all participants in the health care system.”

Availity also states they do integrate with other EHR systems outside of Allscripts so here come the data consultants to get everything communicating.  This looks to be another area of technology to where insurers are able to capitalize with additional revenues with the joint effort of both insurers here.  BD 

Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM), in its continuing commitment to partnering with leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors, has formed an alliance with Allscripts (NASDAQ: MDRX) - a national leader in EHR technology - to provide eligible physician practices with incentives for implementing EHR technology that enables delivery of advanced clinical-decision support at the point of care. The technology provides patient-specific, clinical-quality information to physicians that supports both preventive and chronic-condition management as well as improved care coordination.

Humana will provide financial assistance to selected physicians for adoption of the Allscripts EHR as part of Humana's Medical Home EHR Rewards Program. Physician practices that participate will receive valuable, timely clinical information - electronically - at the point of care, such as a notice of a preventive-care opportunity or information about a patient's medical history that may not appear in a particular doctor's patient chart. Humana will financially reward primary care physicians for improved clinical performance.

Allscripts, Humana partner to deliver clinical-decision support technology for physicians


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