This is a bit of satire humor, but pay attention as is illustrates all the doctors who could be involved and the amount of patient information and data to sort through.  Watch the entire video to the end, the green bean casserole comment is priceless and the involvement of all the specialists opinions with tests and opinions before the patient possibly expires, so when do you call the palliative care specialists and are they called in at the right time is the point made here.  BD 

How many tests and who do we consult?

Happy still has his fire sale for coding available and as a patient maybe you don’t’ think of all the information over flow that is on going while you are in the hospital, but depending on what the issue is, it can get complicated and that applies for areas outside of palliative care for simple procedures and assessments.  The hospitalist is the gateway and there’s a lot of responsibility resting on their shoulders.  BD

Happy Hospitalist Has A Fire Sale For His Quick Pocket Reference At A Bargain Price

Here's the latest in my Xtranormal medical videos.  This one is Hospitalist vs ICU End of Life Palliative Care Consult.  A peek behind the curtains of ICU care, Xtranormal hyperbole style.

Hospitalist vs ICU End of Life Palliative Care Consult Xtranormal Medical Video Presentation


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