It doesn’t get much lower than stealing from a children’s hospital to finance personal interests such as a yacht and many other luxury items.  The entire scheme went on imagefor quite a while, from 1999 to just a few months ago.  He’s also in trouble with the IRS as the article states.  His attorney now is trying to focus on the good things he did but hey nobody else gets that chance when the dollar amount is this high and for personal gain.  The report also said he stole and identity of a friend or perhaps ex friend at this point.  BD 

(Reuters) - The former executive vice president and general counsel for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia was accused of embezzling $1.7 million from the prestigious facility, authorities said on Thursday.

Roosevelt Hairston Jr. hid the theft from the hospital known as CHOP by creating shell companies, opening bank accounts in their names and establishing phony offices for them, the U.S. Attorney's office said.

Hairston, 56, of suburban Malvern "used the funds he stole from CHOP to live a luxurious lifestyle, purchasing real estate, a yacht with a captain to maintain the yacht, high-end automobiles and many other luxury items," prosecutors said in a statement.

Klein said the admissions came when a firm investigating the situation for CHOP interviewed Hairston.

Former Philadelphia hospital executive accused of embezzling | Reuters


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