Here we go with one more blue tooth connected device.  The information will sent to a Smartphone and has a new type of chip from Nordic Semiconductor.  I have written several times about the blue tooth inhaler which came on the scene almost 3 years ago so it looks like blue tooth mHealth devices will be growing. 


There’s also a blue tooth water bottle out there too that will tell you when to drink.

A Blue Tooth Hydration Smart Bottle Using Sensor Fusion Algorithms With Smart Phones To Tell You When To Drink Water

There’s more here about the blue tooth inhaler including a video that shows the whole data collecting side of the device. 

The Minder Wireless Device Connects to Collect Patient imageMedical Data and Transmit Via Wireless Network to Medical Record Systems Via HL7 Standards

What is interesting about the belt is the the “industrial” company that will be making the device, not a healthcare company.  BD

OEM/ODM specialist Dayton Industrial is set to commence volume production of a low energy Bluetooth 4.0 heart-rate chest belt using Nordic Semiconductor's new µBlue™ nRF8001 chip.

World's first Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate monitor will catalyze new genre of smartphone apps


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