The outsourcers will be a combination of pharmacies, medical device companies, hospitals, insurance carriers and maybe a few providers.  This is being compared in India to the Y2K preparedness that I think we can all remember.  India right now is very hungry for some additional business as well.  You can watch the video from imagethe Wall Street Journal that was recently posted and view what they have to share.  Corporate slowdown has hit and thus so the pricing and bidding for the IT support might become very intense with US businesses.  Just a couple weeks ago Dr. Halamka at Harvard asked the question too if ICD-10 should be delayed, in other words is there enough time to meet all the government deadlines, those that are decided by mostly “non participants” when it comes to Health IT. 

They never get it and shoot they probably use less consumer health software than we do as they appear to be very busy telling use what the deadlines are,  It’s kind of embarrassing and beginning to show a lot more when figure heads without some Health IT experience set these deadlines as they have to ask someone else and have no clue on how toe even start with an educated guess themselves, a very vulnerable position these days as they have to kind of believe what they are told without some learned experience to point them in the direction to ask questions.  BD

Should ICD-10 Implementation Be Delayed With A SnoMed Adoption Focus Come First?

In the meantime though, with slow corporate growth presently affecting India they are ready for any and all outsourced work I would imagine that becomes available with this current deadline to once more having non Health IT executives in charge in this case with their decision making processes could actually be pushing more Health IT business overseas, as this has been happening all along but perhaps at a more accelerated rate to come.  BD 

BANGALORE: Indian IT companies are gearing up to meet what analysts call the Year 2000 or Y2K problem of the US healthcare industry.

The US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has mandated that the coding system for billing medical procedures move from the WHO international classification of diseases (ICD)-9 to ICD-10 by October 1, 2013. There are more than 155,000 ICD-10 codes, compared to just 17,000 in ICD-9 .

Healthcare stakeholders will outsource IT services to revisit systems and reconsider underlying business logic and processes that rely on ICD-9 codes. This could entail work around consulting , IT application and system development and other coding related services work.

Healthcare's Y2K jackpot for IT cos - Times Of India


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