This is nice and you wonder why perhaps it has not been done before.  The drug imagebeing used for the reporting is Detrol, for over active bladders.  About 600 patients will be involved and enrollment is also done via the web to register.  Blood and urine sample locations will be need to be set up via the investigator. 

This will be a blind trial to where some participants will receive a placebo and patients will not know which they will be receiving.  Not all clinical trials could be done remotely but many can so this is a good start and will be less expensive as well.  BD 

Drugmaker Pfizer Inc. is running the first U.S. clinical study in which patients participate by using mobile phones and the Internet, rather than repeatedly visiting a participating hospital.

The study announced Tuesday is a pilot project, approved by the Food and Drug Administration and known by the acronym REMOTE. The goal is to determine whether such "virtual" clinical studies can produce the same results as traditional ones that require patients to live near and regularly visit a hospital or clinic for an initial screening and multiple checkups.

The study acronym, REMOTE, stands for Research on Electronic Monitoring of OAB Treatment Experience. Overactive bladder was widely publicized in TV ads after Detrol and rival drugs such as Flomax came on the market.

Pfizer Starts First US "Virtual" Clinical Study - ABC News


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