Yes this is a favorite rant here, but it is so true as digital illiteracy is affecting the entire nation, states, cities and so forth with the inability to have the technological power to sort through the masses of information to make laws today and how in the heck can they create good laws without it is what I want to know.

I got it, they sit and talk about abortions instead, something they feel they have some knowledge about I guess.  If they all sat in session, all parties and looked and queried the same information before going to a committee we would all know they all had the same starting place for one.  With using speech recognition, even the lowest common denominator of those we elect could participate and ask questions so nobody gets left out.  The folks proposing this bill are completely out of whack and I don’t think they understand the time and IT infrastructure needed and what’s the ROI for the public and others, very little. 

Digital Illiteracy Is Killing Us With New Bill Wanting MD Medicare Compensation Put Online-No Clue on the Cost, Time and Truckloads of Errors to Audit and Correct

I guess I should say thanks to IBM for not jumping up an stacking the algos any higher on Wall Street as we run so very far behind what’s happening with their sophisticated algorithms and lawmakers need to catch up.  IBM originally said they were headed to Wall Street. 

IBM Watson Capabilities Being Pitched to Financial Industry-Congress Must Not Have Felt They Needed This So Further Behind We Fall With Effective Intelligent Lawmaking

You would think with public opinion at an all time low that they might think about exploring their methodologies and learn up and see how to do a better job, but we don’t get that as they can’t see it.  All big business talks about the need for technology and it’s use today but it doesn’t happen on Capital Hill and around many other law making entities in the US sadly and we all suffer. 

Do Some Think That Health IT Costs and Systems Grow On Trees-Certainly Starting To Give That Impression of Late

If we don’t watch it those folks may make it illegal to embed a video too.

Out of Focus Lawmakers With Digital Illiteracy–Bill To Make It A Criminal Offense for Embedding You Tube Videos and Time And Money Wasted With John Edwards Case

It’s amazing the President gets it, but the other folks don’t and many seem to be stuck in the 70s, talking abortions over and over and over.  I just wonder how it feels to be in office and watch so much of this just swim by and not get curious enough to ask for a “better” way to create laws?  I’m not the only one saying this, a lot of geeks say the same or similar on the web.  Unfortunately you may not hear a lot as the sensationalism takes over what gets in the news sometimes today due to the ratings game and quotas that need to be met on that side of the coin.  It’s more exciting to talk about Congress talking about abortions it seems. 

President Obama States “The US Doesn’t Have Enough Engineers (This Category Includes Company Developers)

So again I guess it is good we are getting a small break in time with machine learning technology to catch up, that is if they want to and entertain some better methodologies for making laws and bills, and in the long run they would win too, but they just don’t get it.  BD 

If you are waiting for a financial services version of the powerful artificial intelligence system that won a game of Jeopardy against two of the highest winning champions of all time -- Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings -- don't hold your breath ... yet.

Unfortunately for the Wall Street techno-geeks and quants looking for another tool to add to their algorithmic arsenal, IBM isn't working on a financial services version of Watson at this time, according to Dr. David Ferrucci, Lead Researcher and Principal Investigator on IBM's Watson/Jeopardy! Project.

"We have started to adapt Watson for the medical space," said Ferrucci in an exclusive interview with Wall Street & Technology at the SIFMA Financial Services Technology Leaders Forum in New York. "But we are definitely looking at other areas and financial services is one of them." IBM has partnered with Nuance Communications to build an industry-specific version of Watson for the medical field.

For instance when IBM build a version of Watson for the healthcare space, IBM set up the application and helped get it running, but it is being run by healthcare professionals who have a lot of knowledge about their industry. "But the person that grows the technology doesn't have to be a computer scientist," Ferrucci said.

Watson, built on IBM Power 750 servers running Linux, does "deep analysis of data," Ferrucci explained. It can process hundreds of information sources, thousands of possible answers and pieces of evidence and test hundreds of thousands of hypothesis almost instantly, says Ferrucci.

IBM's Watson on Wall Street? Not Yet - Wall Street & Technology


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