Back in 2009 I had chance to talk with the CEO and founder of e-Zassi and you can read a bit more at the link below.  This is actually a pretty neat system for searching to find software solutions for drugs/devices and vice versa.  When I mention drugs it would be devices that administer drugs.  image

e-Zassi Marries Innovation and Collaboration in the Medical Device Industry – Interview with Peter Von Dyck

This was the first time I had heard about the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs and it is an interesting site and are basically offering Angel funding for doctors who have ideas, inventions, etc.  You can see the link on the website the link to e-Zassi so there’s an option for members to research and find potential partner solutions. 

"Just The Beginning"...Welcome to SoPE's newly launched web site. This new version of the web site is built for growth and expansion. image
We have automated key functions such as membership sign-up, Foundation contributions, career ads, and advertising. In addition, we have built the infrastructure for SoPE products and services, SoPE Networking and community content for stakeholders in physician entrepreneurship and healthcare innovation commercialization.”

If you are a physician and have some innovative solutions or idea in the works, perhaps a good site to bookmark.  BD 

Press Release:

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE), a proprietary software platform that is revolutionizing the process of technology transfer, has announced a new strategic partnership with the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE) that will offer its members access to the e-Zassi suite of software tools. The partnership is the latest example of how the $250B medical device industry is embracing the proprietary e-Zassi platform which allows all subscribers to securely and safely collaborate early in the development process without jeopardizing intellectual property rights of the innovator or limiting the buyer’s freedom to operate.

SoPE's vision is to accelerate physician originated biomedical innovation and with this partnership all SoPE members will receive a subscription to the medical device online network. In this unique vertical network built exclusively for medical device participants they will have access to the e-Zassi DNA profiling software that powers the suite of search/match and collaboration features. Members also receive a discount on the InnoVisionTM software to assess and market their medical technology.

Peter von Dyck, CEO of e-Zassi, said, “Physician innovators are a major force behind the creation, development, commercialization and clinical adoption of important new medical technologies around the world and as the avenues to finance and commercialize new medical technologies are becoming more challenging due to regulatory, reimbursement and patent reform, we are honored to empower and protect them with our platform.”

“The mission of the SoPE organization is to accelerate physician originated biomedical innovation, and to provide physician entrepreneurs with the opportunity to network with their peers and others involved in the innovation commercialization process. By partnering with e-Zassi, we are able to help realize our mission and deliver value to our membership,” Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA, SoPE Chairman and President.


e-Zassi is the first web-based life science business intelligence & collaboration platform that provides bilateral IP security for research and industry. This secure, digital approach is simple to use, more cost effective than traditional methods and protects all parties from confidentiality risks delivering immediate competitive advantages. For additional information call 866.474.6328 or visit

About SoPE

Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE) is a physician led non-profit member organization. SoPE's core mission is to help doctors who have ideas for products or services that will improve healthcare. SoPE provides education programs; a networking venue and services, including access to sources of financing that can assist them in bringing their idea to life. On a bigger stage, SoPE is spearheading an effort to promote a better understanding of the processes involved in the introduction of new healthcare related products and services and working with all stakeholders in healthcare to identify ways to improve and accelerate the process. For additional information call 703.879.7710 or visit

Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE) Partners with e-Zassi to Drive Innovation | Business Wire


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