This is just too good to resist here as the blogger, Happy Hospitalist has the solution you may need for coding.  Sure there’s a bit of tongue and cheek here, but in the high tech world we live in today, low tech solutions still exist:)  If you are on the web and read medical blogs then you may have run across his blog and he offers a lot of good information as who knows better than someone who sees patients, and then had to code all day.  He states the coding care, which he is offering for a ridiculously low charge of $12, or $16 for both his cards can certainly stand to help you out and he will laminate them for you too.  This the one of the tools he states he uses every day. 

He’s not by any means a low tech doctor by all means as he has written pretty extensively about new technologies at his hospital and his use of an Ipad, but nice to be able to use a bit of both low tech and high tech to get the job done:)  He even takes PayPal so get them while they’re hot!  BD


I've written a whole lecture series on the ins and outs of hospital based coding.  You can find all my experience and understanding at my free medical billing and coding lectures. I am considered the go to guy in our hospitalist group for any questions about billing and coding.  I know more about some of this stuff than even the folks in my  billing company, since I have the physician perspective on documentation as well as a sound foundation on the rules of evaluation and management documentation.     Most recently, I explained how to bill in an observation chest pain clinic.

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Now I'm offering  my wisdom on the go.  Your choices are

  • A two sided hospital based coding card with reference to the admit/consult rules on one side (99221-99223, 99218-99220, 99234-99236, 99253-99255) and the hospital follow up  codes on the other (99231-99233) for $10 + $2 S&H.
  • A two sided office based coding card with reference to the new patient/consult codes on one side (99203-99205,99243-99245) and the established patient codes on the other (99213-99215) for $10 + $2

Coding Cards (E&M) For Quick Pocket Reference (Clinic and Hospital) From The Happy Hospitalist.


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