This is not what you typically see on Wall Street but it was the sight of a demonstration of nurses calling for fair ethics and the return of good healthcare and working conditions due to the current economic conditions with many hospitals holding on by strings and numerous budget cuts. 


The associations as well as most in the country still hold the financial district and the highly sophisticated algorithmic financial deals that distributed the wealth over the US, responsible for their big part in what we have today.  In writing this blog it does get depressing to hear time after time about current hospital conditions, long hours, over worked doctors and nurses, it just never ends.  Since I began blogging back in 2007 content and struggles for money seem to keep getting worse. 

Nurses-Wall Street

The nurses were asking for a “more fair economy” and more responsibility from corporate investors, after all they at some time will be a patient so maybe ears opened.  To be more specific the nurses were calling for a half-cent tax on stock and bond sales and other financial transactions and is called "The Main Street Contract for the American People".  The nurses address that people are suffering but the news isn’t covering it and the loss of home nursing services that are disappearing all over the country due to budget cuts.  BD 

Nurses NYC Rally Promo

It’s time to make Wall Street high rollers who created our economic crisis pay its fair share.

Hundreds of nurses from across the country gathered in the heart of our nation’s financial center on June 22, an International Day of Action, to make that message crystal clear.image

“It’s time for their shared sacrifice. They haven’t had any of that. They have been making billions and trillions in profit and they are not giving anything back to our community,” said Deborah Burger, RN and member of the National Nurses United Council of Presidents.

The protest is part of the National Nurses United’s Main Street Contract for the American People’s campaign, which aims to reclaim an economy with good jobs at living wages, healthcare for all, quality education, good housing, protection from hunger, a safe environment, and a secure retirement for everyone.

Nurses Take On Wall Street | MyFDL


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